Adventure of the Dragonscale Dice Bags

So I made my dragonscale dice bag tutorial and after that I became a little obsessed with making these things! picking colors of scales, colors of cloth, types of cloth, colors of yarn. I even started coming up with different types of bags depending on the types of dragons these scales would come from!

I started selling them in my Etsy shop. I had wanted to start selling my creations (not just dice bags) but was a little weary on how to get started on it all (just like how I’m still learning how to do things here!)

So far I have made 21 of these. The first was the golden one made for a friend, he loved it. Then came the tutorial after I posted a picture of the golden bag on reddit’s r/dungeonsanddragons subreddit and had requests on how I made it.

After that I ordered red, pink, graphite, black, and green scales


My green one sold the same day I posted them! I was so excited that someone had actually liked something of mine enough to spend money on it! I haven’t gotten a review on it, but I really hope she liked it!

So far The graphite, black, and red ones have gone to new homes. I made a second graphite to replace the one that sold.

So after continuing on my work with my 50,000 other projects I wanted to make some more of these. I discovered on amazon. . .  spikes!

Well that is just perfect! So I went back to and found mirrored scales



It found a home about a week later.

Worked on other projects again and then came back and made a blue one. I figured I had made one in just about every color but blue. I have to admit I wasn’t very excited about it at first but it did turn out really nice.



After that one I browsed around on the site a little and saw their metal options. Up until now I had only been using their aluminum scales and wanted to give these a try.

I bought white (automotive paint coloring) and finally got to use some of my ‘fur’ yarn on it!



Then there was the messed up batch of gold (they called it bronze) that looked like it had scorch marks on it, and I fell in love with it. The price was marked down so yay!

I named it “Scorched Gold” This one also had velvet lining and spikes instead of a tassel and thus began the “Battleworn” series of dice bags.



Next up is the “Dwarven Dragonscale Dice Bag” These scales were absolutely beautiful. I have always been a sucker for rusted metal and worn wood type things so these were right up my ally. After I got them in I had to go and get some leather to line it with. Soft cloth just didn’t seem right for it. I also had some tiny rings left over from another project that looked nice with the colors so I added them in as well as a few spikes here and there. Then the final touch was a fur puff. I think this one was the most fun to design.



My husband came up with the “Poison” color scheme and it came out beautifully! I feel like these claws were perfect with this one.



And then I took the other black ones and did a little something of my own: “Soot”



This one I was a little disappointed because the silver scales in the picture on the website looked a lot more worn than what I got. Still pretty though! This one was a sister of Soot. “Dragon Smoke”



Last but not least I saw some glow in the dark scales on the site. I just had to get these and mess around with them. I actually have several pretty neat ideas for these running through my head but until then I made a dice bag with them to see how they feel and look. I didn’t really try and stick with any ‘theme’ this was me just messing around with whatever caught my eye!


I will be making more of these in the future once I get my Christmas stuff done, so early next year some time? I have had my eye on these orange/red ones. . .

Link to my Etsy store where all of my creations and patterns can be found!



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