Keeping Blizzard’s Orc Warm 2017!

So I found out about Blizzard calling for people who crochet and knit to send them 6×6 squares to help decorate the orc!

Find out more here!

I’m so very excited about this and went home after finding out and made my square ASAP!

Big thank you u/tunzor on reddit’s crochet subreddit for letting us know about it!

This is just a quick tutorial on how I did it.




What I used:

For this particular square I used 4 different shades of blue and grey red heart and I love this yarn! yarn.

4mm hook

tapestry needle

graph paper and pencil (or if you want to cheat a little you can google ‘perler’ in with the type of picture you want EX: “World of Warcraft perler”) They usually have free graph patterns that works well using this style of crochet.


You will need to know how to:

Work a waistcoat stitch or knit stitch.

Work in rounds

Carry your yarn behind

Change colors using the waistcoat stitch.

I have written a tutorial on how to do this stitch!


First I started out with a chain of 50 and made a circle.


I went up 5 rows in a continuous circle before starting my pattern, and made sure I started on the 6th stitch so I would have enough room from the sides. I did not continue the pattern on the “back” side, so the pattern is on one side only.

Screenshot (382)


After reaching your desired height (which for this project would be roughly 6 inches) You should have a tube:

(lets pretend this is a 6 inch tall tube)

Screenshot (380)

Next you will squish it flat and sew it down:

Screenshot (381)Screenshot (384)


After sewing down all 4 edges you should have your square with no ends to tie in!

Front and back:

Screenshot (385)Screenshot (386)

I hope this help you!


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