Picture Tutorial: Waistcoat/Knit Stitch

This has to be one of my most favorite stitches I have discovered in crochet yet. Why? Because you can make pictures on your stuff! 8-bit type pictures, and since I loove doing videogame type stuff then this stitch is now my favorite.

Here are some of the things I have made so far with it:

Link’s Hat

Mario Christmas Hat

Horde Christmas Hat

Demon Hunter Hat

And several items in my Etsy store that I didn’t write patterns for.

I had a heck of a time getting it right though because I strangle my stitches and this stitch takes a bit of a light touch. Here are some tips on how I do it.


Imagine each stitch as a V like the picture below.

Screenshot (5)with red

Push your hook through the V

Screenshot (6)with red

Yarn over and pull through just like your performing a single crochet.

Screenshot (7)with red

Loose loose loose! This is a very loose stitch.

Screenshot (8)with red

My rule of thumb here is to pretend like you’re sticking another hook of equal size under the one you are using. If you pull it tight then you’re going to have a bad time in the next round. (you can’t really tell it here much because I’m using pretty big yarn)

Screenshot (9)with red

See how nicely the V’s line up? You will get faster as you get better, I promise!
Screenshot (10)with red

Now to change colors!


Hold the beginning of the next color with your index finger (pictured below)

Screenshot (14)

The color change actually begins in the stitch before the stitch that needs to be the next color. Drop your main color (yellow) and pick up your secondary color (grey). Yarn over like your doing your regular waistcoat stitch and pull through.

Screenshot (15)

Screenshot (16)

Now you get to do the actually color changed stitch!

Screenshot (17)


To switch back over just drop your secondary color and pick up your main color. Yarn over and pull through.

Screenshot (19)

Back view


Decreasing with a waistcoat stitch:


First you pull through your first WS:


Just like a regular decreasing stitch you will pull a third loop through your second WS so you have three loops on your hook.


Next just yarn over and pull through all three loops.


1 and 2 indicate the decrease stitch.


Coming back around to your DEC stitch:


You will push your hook through the V of the top of the two:


You can see the bottom one under the one you just went through. After going through the “top” V you will push your hook through the “bottom” V


Then just yarn over and pull through


What it looks like one stitch after:



I hope this helps you!


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