D&D Ampersand Hat

I had a request through my shop for a D&D ampersand picture skullcap. I originally wanted the symbol to be a lot smaller, but I didn’t want to lose any detail and left it big. I really am happy with how it turned out!

I do requests through my etsy shop if you want me to make you one, and will run you about $40.

I only have the pattern for an Adult Male size right now but I will hopefully have child and female adult sizes written within the next week!



2.5 mm hook

fingering weight yarn (I used Knitpicks Palette yarn) I bought 3 balls of it, 2 black for the main color of the hat and one red for the symbol. I had some left over.

What you need to know to make this hat:

How to perform, decrease, and change colors with a waistcoat stitch.

waistcoat stitch will be written as “WS” in the pattern

Tutorial on how to do these is here.

Adult Male Size:

1. Chain 116 and make a circle

2-14.  WS 116 (around)

15. Fold your work in half and then stitch through both layers to make the brim.

16. WS around one more time before starting your symbol.

17. The symbol will take 32 rounds to finish, (graph below)


18. After finishing with the symbol WS around for 1 more round

19. (8 WS, DEC) around

20. WS around

21. (7 WS, DEC) around

22. WS around

23. (6 WS, DEC) around

24. WS around

25. (5 WS, DEC) around

26. WS around

27. (4 WS, DEC) around

28. WS around

29. (3 WS, DEC) around

30. WS around

31. (2 WS, DEC) around

32. WS around

33. (1 WS, DEC) around

34. WS around

35. DEC around

36. do two final WS rounds with no DEC and then stitch shut from the inside.


You are done! congratulations on your new hat! If you have any questions just ask.



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