Dragonscale Dice Bag Gallery

I have had a lot of people order dice bags from me but didn’t know exactly what options were available, so I’m making a gallery of all of the dice bags I have made and taken pictures of so you can see what I can do! Anything that can be done with the big bags can be done with my dragonlet pouches as well.

I no longer use yarn for the pullcords and tassels, I now use ribbon and crochet thread to give them a more clean look.

My Etsy shop where I take orders for these bags.


Various styles of rainbow! These are the ones that were made for my tutorial on how to make these bags.




Rainbow! 7 colors were used. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink with purple liner and green and blue spikes.


I like to call this one “Chromatic” Rainbow swirl with black scales, silver lining and purple tassel.


Another extra large bag. Purple and green scales with a rose liner and rose tassel.


Black and blue on the bottom and silver on top with black spikes.

This one is 2x the size of my regular dice bags!


Pink to purple scales fade and sliver liner with silver and purple tassel.

The purple is the exact color on the tassel, but once again I can’t get the lighting right for the purple scales lol.




Silver and pink scales in vertical rows and a silver satin liner with a pink tassel.



Purple with black velvet liner and black spikes.

I can not get the lighting right to get a good picture of the color of these scales! The color is actually the same as the dice shown in the picture.




Solid black with velver liner and spikes.




Silver scales with pink satin lining and pink tassel.

I really enjoyed making this one because these scales were special made for NASA to make a heat shield! The sister scales to these are in space!




Orange scales with black leather lining, brown pull cord and black spikes.

I really didn’t think this was going to look as good as it did. I was very surprised! The leather is a little of a pain to get it to close all the way though.




Green fading to black scales with a black satin lining and green and black tassel.





Solid green

This was another interesting one to make. You never really notice how many diffrent shades of green there are until you try to get them all to match.




Black, blue, and purple scales with a black velvet liner and black spikes.

Once again I just can’t get the lighting right for these blue and purple scales!




White and clear blue scales with a white satin liner and light blue tassel.

This one was based off of a person’s D&D character!




Purple, silver, and clear blue scales with a turquoise liner and tassel.




Scorched gold scales with a black velvet liner and black spikes.




Battleworn black scales and a red velvet liner and black spikes.




Silver scales and a silver velvet liner with silver spikes.




Battleworn black scales and a lime green lining and black spikes.

My husband came up with this one!




Red scales with a red satin liner and a copper tassel.

This is one of the first ones I made.



Green scales and a gold satin liner and gold tassel.

I was trying to use Zelda colors on this one.




Pink scales with a pink satin liner and gold tassel.




1st one is: Black scales and silver liner and silver tassel

2nd one is: Silver scales with a black liner and black tassel

I made these side by side because I didn’t know which one would look better.




Glow in the dark scales with a lime green liner and lime green tassel

This one was the most fun to make. The colors just fell into place so perfectly!




White scales with a white satin liner and silver tassel.

I really wanted to use this fluffy yarn on something so badly!




Bronze scales and a leather lining and a puff instead of a tassel. I added a few rings to make it look like chainmail.




Gold scales and gold satin lining. Instead of a tassel I added little amber beads at the bottom.




Silver mirror scales and a silver velvet liner and a silver tassel.







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