Adult Unisex Donation Hat Pattern



I am working on making at least 3 hats a week to donate in December. I wasn’t sure how many of each to make so I came up with a pattern that will work for both male and female adults! The pattern also doesn’t take too long if you crochet fast (takes me about ~45 minutes per hat). The hat is a little loose on females and fits snugly (like a skullcap) for males. I donated just a few last december and was told they were a big hit!


5 mm hook

(4) Medium yarn (I used Red Heart)


DC = Double Crochet

SLST = Slip stitch

Inc = Increase


**At the end of every round finish with a slst to close and chain 2 to start the next round**


  1. 10 DC in a magic circle (or chain 2 and DC 10 in the 2nd chain from hook)
  2. Inc around —————————20 stitches
  3. (inc, 1 DC) x 10———————30 stitches
  4. (inc, 2 DC) x 10———————40 stitches
  5. (inc, 3 DC) x 10———————50 stitches
  6. (inc, 4 DC) x 10 ——————– 60 stitches

     7-11) DC Around (7 rounds) ———60 stitches

     12) SLST around ———————–60 stitches


***Updated 3-25-2018***


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